Note: We're open to full-time applicants and other advanced practice providers with experience in pediatrics (FNPs & PAs)

About Us

Modern Pediatrics (MP) is a primary care pediatrics practice that was founded on the singular goal of creating the very best possible experience imaginable for children, their families, and the pediatric providers who take care of them. Following this goal as our North Star, we developed a unique care model that includes the following benefits...

  • For our patients and families
    • All well-child and illness care occurs in the patient’s home
    • 24/7 accessibility through virtual care (text message, phone, video visit)
    • High-quality, evidence-based care, using the most up to date research available
    • Thoughtful, empathic relationship building, which creates a profound depth of connection with our families
    • Membership pricing which makes this service available to the broadest range of families possible, not just the wealthy
    • Tech-forward approach to everything we do for our patients and families
  • For our providers
    • Elevating the PNP role to that of pediatrician
    • Autonomy in your own medical decision making, while supporting you with an amazing team of colleagues to collaborate with
    • Smaller patient panel with fewer visits per day (more time with each family)
    • Tech solutions to make your job easier, with a focus on reducing the time you spend documenting and returning phone calls in the evening

After launching in 2020, we've found that families absolutely love this model of care! You can find some of our patient reviews here to get a better feel.

At the end of the day, Modern Pediatrics is simply about amazing medical professionals providing truly exceptional care. Our job is to hire the very best people (that’s you!), and give them everything they need to do their jobs beautifully.

This Role: Weekend In-home Visits

  • 8:00am - 5:00pm availability on Saturday & Sunday for in-home visits (primarily sick visits, but the possibility of well-child visits)
  • Virtual care (text messages, phone calls, and video visits) throughout your work day
  • If these days/hours don't perfectly line up with your schedule, let's chat!

Why Join MP?

  • Competitive hourly pay
  • Amazing colleagues
  • Very happy patients

About You

  • Magnetic personality which endears you to those around you
  • High level of emotional intelligence and an empathy-first approach to working with your patients’ parents and caregivers
    • The depth of connection with our families is the core of our success as an organization
  • Thrive in a team-centered environment.
    • Willingness to go above and beyond to help your team members, and ask for the same support when you need it
    • Provide feedback freely and receive feedback with appreciation
  • Driven in your pursuit of professional growth and life-long learning
  • Confidence in your abilities, but not afraid to admit your weaknesses in the pursuit of learning
  • Excited to identify organizational needs and complete projects to help us improve as a group
  • Willingness to go above and beyond for the needs of our patients/families and the organization as a whole